Why a Care Plan is Essential for the Success of a WordPress Website

Just like your phone and your computer’s operating system, your website requires maintenance. Every month it seems my phone and computer gets a major software update. Your WordPress website needs the same care and attention so it can be online all the time to showcase your products & services. The #1 reason for a Care Plan? […]

Antony Vavia voted The Humblest Man in the Cook Islands

When you think of the Humblest person you know, who do you think of? On January 11th 2021 a vote was cast to see who is the humblest man of the Cook Islands. By a close margin Ant Vavia of Mitiaro has taken that title. Besides killing fish for his research, he is actually a […]

Keywords? What are they?

What are keywords? Keywords are the words, or combinations of words, that cause your website to show up on search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing). They are among the most important things for you to understand if you want to increase traffic on your website. How do I use keywords to my advantage? […]

Who is the Sexiest man in the Cook Islands?

person thinking

So your’re thinking this guy isn’t the sexiest man in the Cook Islands i know that guy related to that guys cousin which is fine or my partner is way better but according to google its this guy, me. But if you search “sexiest man in the cook islands” guess who comes up. And on […]

Basic Keyword Research Explained

Cook Islands Night Sky

So when planning out your website you got to think how am I going to get traffic? How are people going to find my website? People don’t come to your website by accident they usually search for something they want, doing research or to get an answer. So let say you had an accommodation website […]

Websites are like Super Heros

dragon ball z gohan

Having a website live is just the beginning of your online journey just putting up a website about your business or company is just the start. To describe whats involved I like to compare it to a video adventure game with a hero involved: When you start you hero is very weak so you need […]