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Websites are like Super Heros

Having a website live is just the beginning of your online journey just putting up a website about your business or company is just the start. To describe whats involved I like to compare it to a video adventure game with a hero involved: When you start you hero is very weak so you need to get points to make them stronger to level up and over time so your website is the same you start building up points to move up the rankings and how you get points is getting links from other websites related to your niche which will help increase your rankings.

So how do you make your website stronger?

1. Keyword Optimisation

First you need to make sure that the content on your the website page is optimised for keywords that you want to rank for ie. The URL, H tags, Title tags, Meta Tags.

Also the images that you use aren’t to large as it will slow down the website speed and that you use alt text to show what the image was if you’re not sure how to do this click here.

2. Social Media Setup

Social media is an essential part of making your website a success in many ways but getting back links from these sites are important for your website as they have high DA so if you can increase the PA of these pages you can get a bit of boost from your social accounts. Also social signals are ever increasing to notify google. So make sure you have the following as essential Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin business page, Youtube, Vimeo, Google +, Pintrest and Instagram.

This is a gig that can do this for you which will save you a bit of time.

3. Citations

Depending if your website is a local business you need to build citations to it. Example of citations are like tripadvisor, yelp, yellowpages, tourism page if in Cook Islands, local directory websites.

There are services that can do this for you if you live outside the Cook Islands click here

So there it is if you do these fundamental steps which can take some time you’ll give your website the best chance of a betting ranking but with ranking for keywords for your website page and remember you have to pick your battles for a very competitive keyword your hero/website is going to be up against some stiff competition, so your website has to be stronger in order for it to out rank others and by following these steps for a new or existing website will give your website better odds.

Again if you have any questions please leave a comment below.


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