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Basic Keyword Research Explained

So when planning out your website you got to think how am I going to get traffic? How are people going to find my website? People don’t come to your website by accident they usually search for something they want, doing research or to get an answer.

So let say you had an accommodation website and you have a beach rental property in Rarotonga as a lot of people have them, so you have to kinda think of your customer: If I was a tourist and looking to come to Rarotonga and looking for accommodation what things would they be looking for? So what you do is list a couple of search terms down on paper:

  1. Accommodation Rarotonga
  2. Cheap accommodation Cook Islands
  3. Beach house Rarotonga
  4. Rarotonga rentals

Then once you’re done we go to the Google keyword research tool and put them in to see how many people are searching for the above terms and it will also give us some other ideas on what people are looking for online related to subject.

2016-01-07_2004 2016-01-07_2005 2016-01-07_2005_001

So from the images above you can see how many search terms are related to that keyword. So it goes from the broad keyword to the break down of that individual keyword and how much people are paying for ads and the competition for ads which gives a good indication on what the competition of other websites for that keyword. So if there is a high competition for that keyword ad then you are going to have a hard time in most cases to rank for that keyword so you’ll need to put some work on your website to make it stronger.

So with information if you want to show up in the search engine you have to change your tags on each of your pages especially your home page. For example Title Tags are the ones in the tab of your website so if you dont have the word accommodation rarotonga then there is a high chance your website won’t be seen for that keyword unless other tags on the page click here for tags

Once you have this information you can start creating content on your website around those keywords so you can start ranking it and getting traffic.



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